Pursuing Bad Guys

Joining Children’s Quest for Clarity, Courage and Community

by Donna King
Edited by Ann Pelo and Margie Carter

How do you handle “bad guys?” Join a yearlong, child-led investigation of goodness and badness, real and pretend, safety and courage. Expand your practice as you learn alongside a passionate and creative teacher, who takes risks and shares the outcomes as this energizing story unfolds.

“In this courageous, challenging, invigorating work, Donna King pulls back the curtain on transforming practice. With deep trust, Donna and colleague Sarah create a context where co-learning flourishes. The excitement is palpable.”
Karyn Callaghan, President, Ontario Reggio Association

“This joyful book uncovers the power of children and teachers to engage in deep learning that is genuinely respectful and responsive. I highly recom-mend this book for teachers interested in deepening their practice, and for anyone curious about what the Reggio Emilia approach can look like in an American school context.”
Anna Golden, Atelierista, Sabot at Stony Point School, Richmond, VA

“A vital contribution for teachers who love the creativity and imagination of young children but are unsure how to constructively handle their ‘bad guy’ play. As the children explored and shared their hopes and fears, they found they could work together to support one another and discover their own inner courage and strength.”
Jane Katch, Author, Under Deadman’s Skin: Discovering the Meaning of Children’s Violent Play