Guiding Principles

Pedagogical Values

These are values that speak to who we want to be as teachers; what we want for children now and for the citizens they grow into; the kind of world we want to live in; and the purpose of education.

Aspirationally, we create a culture that embodies these values; families choose these values when they choose this community; teachers create curriculum around and practice toward these values; and children grow toward and come to embody these values.

We value

  • Lives rich in meaningful moments, days, months, and years. How we spend our time matters. Intentionality
  • A sense of purpose. Contribution that matters.
  • Integrity with self and others. Commitment to your community and to your undertakings.
  • Self-awareness. Self-respect. Self-compassion. Authenticity. Being yourself.
  • Love. Belonging and inclusion. Feeling seen, heard, known and accepted.
  • Empathy. Respect for others. Compassion. Listening. Support.
  • Space for and capacity to express the full range of human emotion.
  • Community. Collaboration.
  • Taking helpful action. Agency for self and others.
  • Physical comfort and safety. Sense of security and order. Clarity.
  • A sense of abundance and ease about time, space and materials.
  • Health. Pleasure, power and vitality of the body.
  • Joy and passion. Zest. Delight.
  • Fun. Playfulness. Humor.
  • Beauty. Inspiration. Reverence.
  • Celebration. Gratitude.
  • Voice. Questioning authority. Co-constructed agreements. Democracy.
  • Fairness. Challenging bias and inequity.
  • Choice and freedom.
  • Curiosity and exploration.
  • Inventiveness and creative expression.
  • Courage.
  • Healthy risk-taking. Freedom to make mistakes.
  • Hard work. Challenge.
  • Developing real skills doing things that matter.
  • Complexity. Depth. Working with questions of substance, questions that matter.
  • Awake minds. Critical thinking. Reflection.
  • Intellectual agency. An active response to experience and information.
  • Comfortable and respectful relationship with nature.