Goals & Schedule

Work and Play

As you engage with people, materials, experiences and questions, we hope to see you…

  • Demonstrate curiosity; excitement about trying new things; a desire to explore with all your senses; a willingness to experiment; and an eagerness to find many possible answers to your questions.
  • Make discoveries and connections through active engagement in a wide variety of experiences, with a rich array of materials, in the lively company of other learners who bring their own questions, perspectives, and theories.
  • Represent your evolving understanding of the world through creative work in many expressive languages, including those languages that come easily to you, and those you find more challenging.
  • Find and stay with the particular material, activity, or aesthetic that best expresses your unique interests, style and identity at any given time; savor and enjoy your passions and cultivate your particular gifts.
  • Show initiative, persistence, focus, and resourcefulness.
  • Take risks; make mistakes; and respond flexibly. Maintain optimism and a sense of humor in the face of adversity.
  • Experience satisfaction with both the process and the product of your intellectual and creative pursuits. Work playfully and take your work seriously.
  • Find a healthy balance between effort and ease.
  • Claim your expertise and share what you know with others, and stay open to inspiration and feedback others offer to you.
  • Have fun.