Visual Languages

justice drawing

We live in a culture where many adults seem to think that the visual arts are only for the gifted — how is it that so many of us stopped — or never started? — drawing, painting, sculpting and building? What a loss, given the power of the visual arts for emotional expression, aesthetic pleasure, exploring ideas and expanding thinking. Here, we provide materials, time, expressive freedom, and technical assistance in abundance for painting, collage, and modeling with clay.

owen clay

Kids practice drawing from their imaginations and from life.

drawing chloe

They explore construction with paper and useful junk, with wood, with a multiplicity of building sets that connect and respond in different ways, and with wooden unit blocks that have wonderful mathematical properties of symmetry, shape and balance.

Jesse blocks

Children design with a variety of materials.

light table

And, at the light table and on the shadow screen, they play with light, shadow, reflections, and color.

lauren zella projector