About Children First

Vision Statement

Children First board members, parents, children and teachers — past and present — worked together to craft a “vision in words” for Children First during the summer of 2000, on the occasion of our tenth birthday.  All told, over sixty adults and children contributed words and images about Children First. We faithfully heard, collected and finally distilled those words and images into this Vision Statement, approved by the Board on October 11, 2000.


Children First Vision Statement

Children First is a learning community of children, families, and teachers guided by an uncompromising commitment to honor the sacred in every individual. We nurture one another.

At Children First…

  • We feel safe and powerful.
  • We cherish diversity and learn from struggle.
  • We build enduring friendships.
  • We embrace conflict and prize communication.
  • We find joy.
  • We see beauty and touch nature.
  • We know freedom.
  • We celebrate and create.

We are a school without walls, a community without borders.