About Children First

Children First is a non-profit preschool where parents and teachers cooperate to provide care and education of uncompromising quality for young children.

Here, children…

  • work and play with joy, creativity, freedom and a sense of purpose.
  • form warm and enduring friendships with children and adults.
  • practice cooperation and contribution in a lively, caring and peaceful community in which they feel a deep sense of safety and belonging.
  • connect with nature and come to feel at home outdoors.
  • follow their curiosity, explore their interests, and develop a wide range of competencies.
  • represent their evolving understanding of themselves and the world through a rich variety of expressive languages.
  • meet challenges, grow courage, and take healthy risks.
  • see themselves reflected, day after day, in the eyes of adults who genuinely respect and appreciate each of them as unique individuals.

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